About me

Everything is possible if you want it enough…

I am passionate about people. I work as an international coach, psychotherapist, and HR advisor. My personal interest lies with (hidden) early childhood trauma in adults. This form of trauma can also have a deep impact on leadership in organisations. When it does we see this reflected in our society and the environment. My main working methods are Psychosynthesis and systemic constellations coaching.

I was born in The Hague (1967) into an international family which has been deeply traumatised by the second World War. My childhood was characterised by a lack of stability due to frequent changes of countries and schools. When I became too old to travel with my parents I remained at boarding school in UK. Following my university studies in Leiden (Humanities, 1992) I started work as HR professional in mostly American companies. After about 30 different moves of home and country I am now settled in The Hague since 2014. I completed college, and vocational degrees in psychotherapy and systemic constellations coaching to help myself and others make sense of vastly uprooted lives.

The common thread of my life is a search for wholeness and belonging coupled with imagination. As a child I was not so much uprooted as ‘un’-rooted. I was a foreigner everywhere, especially in my native country. The travelling exposed me to western and eastern tradions, literature, and symbolism. My world was full of possibility. The quote above is something my father instilled in me from an early age, and I am grateful to him for this life lesson.

I feel blessed -and also obligated- to integrate my life’s lessons in my work with individuals and teams. This combination enables me to help clients find their own unique and sustainable solutions to their challenges. People whose lives are marked by a strong international or multicultural dimension often experience an added invisible burden on top of their psychological problems. In an increasingly diverse world I believe that those of us who can, must work towards inclusion and hopefully ultimately synthesis.