What to expect

Solution-oriented therapy requires deep exploration of the presenting issues. Our initial meeting will be via on-line secure video link. It is the first decipion-point for us both: do we connect? Do you feel safe enough with me? Am I able to help you? If the answer is 'yes' to all of these questions we decide whether to proceed with coaching, counselling, or therapy.

The course

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Any therapy course has several phases: intake, treatment, and ending. Depending on your insurer ('zorgverzekeraar') course treatment may consist of a total of 12 sessions. Of course it will be possible to extend.

Session length

Because every client is unique, some consultations may require more time than others. Therapy sessions may consist of verbal dialogue, meditation and/or visualisation, constellations work, body work, or even walking therapy. Timing may be between 45 -75 mins. Payment is per consultation session and not per hour of therapy.